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What do teachers need?

In starting to consider an app design for the Mobile Learning class I am taking, I watched a TED talk recommended by my professor recommended:  Paul Bennett finds design in the details. While I was in the middle of watching … Continue reading

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Improving Professional Development: Polishing a Turd

As usual when sitting down to finally write, many times this week I found myself distracted and pulled in a hundred different directions, reading articles and blogs, watching videos, following tweets – all related to the general topic of mobile … Continue reading

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Edmodo for Teacher Professional Development: A Case Study

In the previous post I made a case for innovative professional development that is simultaneously individualized and focused, accessible anywhere, and that taps into teachers’ senses of play, passion and purpose.  In this post, I will investigate the use of … Continue reading

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Going Mobile

It is fitting to me that the last class of my CTER program is called mobile learning, and that I am writing my first blog post while sitting in the living room of a rental house at the beach – … Continue reading

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Beyond the Schoolhouse: Transformative Education

Transformative education, according the Bill Cope and Mary Kalantzis (2008), represents “an open-ended struggle rather than a clear destination, a process rather than a formula for action, and something that recognizes the educational legacies of the past in order to design … Continue reading

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Merit Pay Has No Merit

California Governor Jerry Brown has long been a political ally of the influential California Teachers Association (CTA), so it came as no surprise to some that he came out in his recent State of the State address in favor of … Continue reading

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Higher Education – The Next Bubble?

In The Journal of Higher Education, Horton and Cronin (2009, May 22) asked the question, “Will higher education be the next bubble to burst?” They point to the fact that tuition continues to rise at most schools while at the … Continue reading

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