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This week’s assignment has us looking at web 2.0 media creation tools in the context of our research on the future of education.  As one of my professional goals this year is to expand my PLN using Twitter, I though I’d look into the curating and publishing tool

In thinking about how I would use with my staff, I was reminded  that couple of weeks ago I innocently emailed a link to an Edudemic blog “The Ultimate Guide to Using Twitter in the Education” to the teaching staff, thinking it might spark some interest in using micro-blogging with students in the classroom.  What followed was a healthy debate on Twitter, technology and our roles as educators in teaching with and about technology.  I remembered back to when I first experienced Twitter and thought that the most that could come of it was some narcissistic expression of my hourly moves or following other people’s narcissistic expressions of their hourly moves.  Not until I began to explore using Twitter to expand my PLN did I realize the power it holds for communicating, collaborating and informing.  That led me to the conclusion that I can talk and write about Twitter all I want, but many teachers won’t see the value until they begin to use it themselves.

Unbeknownst to me, I had already been using through my Twitter PLN when I read the hashtag dailies that people I follow sent out.  Clicking on their links I was led to a newspaper style report of the top Tweets of the day collected and curated by one of the members.  I enjoy seeing the top stories without having to scroll through endless re-tweets and comments, and like the way the Tweets were organized by media type (photos, videos, etc.) and by topic.

The I created is titled “New Teacher 2.0” and follows the topics #ntchat, #elemchat, #k12chat and #edtech.  I envision sending a link out daily to my new teachers so that they can begin to develop their PLNs and discover the support and ideas they can get from teachers all over the world.  Part of my job is to find resources for my teachers to support their work, and what better way than to cull the ideas of many into a single source.  The #ntchat thread is full of ideas for new teachers both high and low tech, and also offers a weekly Twitter Chat sponsored by a veteran teacher based on topics followers choose. I am excited to share this new resource with my new teachers, and to work on creating other topics to support a more nuanced use of Twitter.



About Katy Foster

I am an Assistant Principal in Larkspur, CA. I blog to publicly reflect on my own learning in leadership.
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