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Growth Mindset and Gaming

What if you were walking alone in a prairie and all of a sudden heard the roaring thunder of a herd of buffalo, seeing the dust rise in puffs of white before you could even see them cresting the rise?  … Continue reading

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21st Century Learning Lab

I came to my current District in the Fall of 2009, just as they were wrapping up nearly 10 years of construction paid for by a modernization bond.  The schools all look beautiful, and just one piece remains.  The District … Continue reading

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Social Animals

In David Brook’s new book, The Social Animal:  The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement, Brooks argues, by synthesizing research from a number of different fields, that humans are not as purely driven by rational thinking and IQ as has … Continue reading

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Learning and the Brain

I am used to telling people that in my parallel universe careers I am a doctor and/or an actor.  I think I took care of the latter by becoming a teacher – and perhaps the former, too.  All teachers I … Continue reading

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