Living in the Digital Age

What a wonderful coincidence that in the week I am addressing the first Techstanding challenge from my professor, my iPhone broke. Although I have had it a mere year and a half I realize how much a part of my life it has become. I had it in my pocket at my son’s basketball game the day after it broke, and in the hour of the game I looked at it (though it was mocking me with a blank screen) four times for four different purposes – I needed to text my sister-in-law to tell her I’d be late; I wanted to use the calendar to tell my dad when the next game was; I pulled it out to check the weather when my younger son asked me if it was going to rain the next day; and I wanted to take a picture of the team after the game. And that’s not to mention the other times I would have used it that day – to arrange meeting friends for dinner, to give me directions to the gym, to call my sister in my “network” for free, to continue my cross-county Scrabble game with a good friend, to update my Facebook page, just to name a few. I think that there would be revolt if the Principal told us we couldn’t use our devices during the day – they had to be “off and away” during school hours. Yes, it is a good to reminder that we live in and therefore are educators in the Digital Age.


About Katy Foster

I am an Assistant Principal in Larkspur, CA. I blog to publicly reflect on my own learning in leadership.
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